Not Achieving Fitness Goals Despite Workouts? Here are Some Mistakes You Might Be Making


We all want a healthy and beautiful body. And for that, we make sacrifices – dieting, workout, lifestyle changes, and whatnot. But if you’re working out regularly and still not achieving your fitness goals, it can get annoying. 

This can make you feel demotivated and you might lose interest in working out. And if you skip workouts, you’ll never be able to achieve your fitness goals. Let’s look at the most common mistakes people make and thus lose out on getting the maximum benefits.

Skipping on Warm Ups

If you’re going for strength training with intense workouts, you’ll need a warm body and your heart rate will go up. This is why it’s very important to have a warm up routine before the workout. When you stretch for some time before the workout, it prepares you for the intense training that’s coming.

Similarly, don’t forget to cool down after the workout is complete. When you stretch after a workout, your muscles relax and thus you won’t feel sore after the workout. 

Not Following the Right Form

There is a right way to do exercise and there are plenty of wrong ways. If you don’t study exactly how a workout needs to be done, you’ll have the wrong form. And the wrong form can even do harm to your body. 

Each type of workout needs you to follow a particular form. It tells you where your hands or feet must be and how long you have to do a specific exercise. Follow that form carefully if you don’t want to get hurt. If you don’t know the right form, it’s best to consult a fitness trainer.

Doing the Same Workout

You need to vary your workouts. If you do the same workout for days, it will do you no good. As your body gets used to one workout, you need to give it different challenges. Make sure you balance your workouts well and get a varied exercise regime. 

If you don’t know which workout to do on which day, it’s best to take guidance from a fitness trainer. Even if you’re working out on a budget and cannot afford a regular trainer, you can get a workout plan made so you can mix different exercise routines.

Using Someone Else’s Settings on Machines

When you visit the gym, the guy before you made some settings to the machine. If you use the same settings and don’t change them according to your body needs, you’re not doing it right. 

Different people are at different energy levels and have different fitness goals. Also, since their weight and heights can be different than yours, you need to adjust the devices according to your own needs.

If you don’t adjust the workout equipment, you’re making a huge mistake. A newbie cannot use the same settings used by a regular gym goer. Make sure you get the right settings. All gyms have an expert and you can discuss your needs with them.

Setting Unachievable Goals

Of course, we all would be very happy to lose 10 kg in a week. Or gain two pounds of muscle in two weeks. But these are unrealistic goals. It’s okay to go slow. Even if you’re very slow, you’ll still be better than lying on the couch, eating chips.

Just make sure your goals are realistic. Maybe someone else you knew lost some weight quickly in a few months. But not everyone is the same and taking it slow is okay.

Correct These Mistakes

Have you been making these workout mistakes? If you think you were wrong, fix it right now so you don’t waste those precious hours when you could actually be doing something good.


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