The Right Type of Music Depending on Your Mood


Music is like drugs – it’s addictive and you cannot live without it. Except, it doesn’t destroy health and families. It lets you experience a range of emotions – it can make you sad or can uplift your spirits when you’re depressed.

You just need to listen to the right type of music depending on the mood you want. Let’s discuss some moods and the right kind of music according to them.


When you’re sad and heartbroken, you’re tempted to listen to sad songs. Now, some people advise against it. If you’re sad and you listen to sad songs, you’ll feel sadder. But some people disagree. They feel that sad music lets them feel the sadness and cry it out, thus feeling lighter.

If you also feel better after venting out your emotions after listening to sad music, this genre is for you. Or maybe try heavy metal? It might not calm you down but it can lift your spirits and make you feel better. 


If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands! When happy, listen to upbeat music. It will make you dance and enhance your happiness. It will give a positive boost to your mood. You can listen to songs from yesteryears and remember your teenage years and your first crush. 

It will take you to simpler times when there was no stress in life and all you had to do was chase your crush and feel happy thinking about them.


Metal and rock music can be good if you’re feeling angry. When you listen to metal, your negative energies will fade away and you’ll feel more energetic. In fact, metal can uplift your mood and help you focus those angry energies on doing something positive.

You might even feel motivated and try to find a solution to your problems. If you’re feeling that your energies are channelized, you can go for a workout.


If you’re thinking about that special someone and are having butterflies in your stomach, romantic songs are what you should listen to. When you’re in love and listen to love songs, you’ll be able to relate to each word. 

This will make you appreciate your lover and your relationship more. This will have a positive impact on your life and also a positive impact on the life of your lover. In fact, both of you can listen to the same song when you’re together to strengthen your bond.


If you’re working and you want music to help you out with focus, you can play white noise. White noise will cancel out other sounds in the room and help you concentrate on your work. 

You can even play calming music such as ocean sounds so you’re more focused on what you’re doing. Another type of music that can help you be more attentive towards work is classical music. When you listen to classical music while studying, you’ll be able to remember the lessons better.


Slow beat music can help you unwind and loosen up. Classical music can also help you de-stress. In fact, classical music can be used for a number of moods. Just listen to slow beats or reggae to relax and calm down.

In fact, it’s not just humans that will benefit from music. If you think your dog is stressed, they too can listen to reggae and soft rock when they’re feeling anxious.


When you’re at a party, any song with fast beats will help you dance and enjoy the occasion. There are a number of songs and depending on your taste, you can select absolutely any song. 

Music Affects Your Mood

Since music gets an emotional response from us, it affects our mood to a large degree. When we get happy, our brain releases a chemical called dopamine. Music gives us the same effect, thus lifting our spirits.


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